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Social Media

Brooke Hunter
Finnian Murray
Charlotte Thieme
Steven Walton
Amanda Reid
Will Draper
Jenna Gotlieb
Syndicate 4

A media ecology assignment featuring a web series, radio documentary, radio feature series and social media video.

Social media is a staple of modern millennial life. It's changed the way we connect and interpret the world around us. Syndicate 4 has spent the last month investigating the impact of social media from various perspectives - the way it's changed our dating lives, our right to speak and our everyday interactions with friends. The following various media products are a culmination of the ideas and concepts that were first raised in our individuals essays. The audio and visual projects have been proudly made and produced by all members of our Syndicate group. All of the outputs raise further questions and thoughts about the ongoing impact of social media.

Radio Documentary

'How Free Should Speech Be' investigates social media's role in the ongoing debate over the freedom of speech. Both Facebook and Twitter have drawn lines on what can and can't be said on their platforms. This ten-minute audio documentary presents the varying perspectives on regulating social media content in the future in an ultimate quest to find out where the acceptable 'line in the sand' should be.

Radio Feature

Each of these three separate radio features come together to form one commentary on the many perils of social media, and the vice-like grip it has on humanity in the digital age. In this sense, they are intended to be words of warning. These pieces of slam poetry cover three facets of social media that are causing concern in our society; the trivialisation of real-life friendships and their transference to our screens, the moderation which determines the content we are exposed to on social media, and the rise of impersonal emojis as alternatives to genuine expression and emotion. Overall, they serve as a call-to-action, aiming at getting people off their phones and experiencing life

Social Media Video

Our social media video is inspired by how messages can be read and interpreted differently when reading through a screen. The video is about how you may write something that you think is innocent but could instead be read as hurtful by the intended reader. Overall, the intention of this social video is to make people think about what they're typing before they push send. 

Web Series - Swipe Right

Swipe Right follows the modern world of dating and the people who take part in it. Catherine downloads Tinder after facing a breakup and we follow her journey of learning to use Tinder. This web series explores how superficial the online world of dating can be, as well as the positive and negative aspects of online dating. Catherine learns about how people curate their online persona and how we perceive them based on these profiles. Ultimately she has to decide how much of an impact she wants Tinder and social media to have on her life.